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We endeavour to recycle & reuse as much as possible, buy products with the least packaging, recycled products, use local food producers, butchers, and suppliers.

Our house is well insulated, with new loft insulation, restored window shutters and very (very) thick walls but we are still working to improve our energy rating.

All rooms have individual thermostatic controls to ensure heat is provided when required on a room by room basis. We also monitor and control the heating and hot water system each week to reflect the seasons.

We have public transport and bike hire information for guests. We can provide you with details of walks from the front door. As we are surrounded by open countryside, on the national cycle route 76 and the new John Muir Way, you can give your car a rest while you stay with us too.

Recycle - All paper, card, glass, plastic, cans, garden waste, inkjet/toner cartridges and mobile phones are recycled. Our cooking oil is recycled by the local stud farm! We support social economy organisations and charity shops to recycle materials as appropriate. We compost our kitchen/garden waste.

We purchase Fair Trade and Environmentally Sound Goods - We provide environmentally friendly toiletry products, use fair trade products where possible and source as many purchases as possible locally,

Minimize Use of Energy, Water & Other Resources - For example lights and equipment are switched on only when needed. Energy saving bulbs and low flush toilets are used.

The dishwasher and washing machine are A and AA+ rated. We dry as much as possible on our laundry "pulley" before using the tumble dryer or dry outside.

Our plans are to continually looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact, however small or large they may be. We will continue to monitor water and energy consumption to help this.

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